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I was born and raised in Victoria BC, Canada and have lived on the West Coast most of my life. I love everything about the West Coast . . . the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the majestic mountains and the thousands of acres of Old Growth Forests.


Growing up in Victoria I always considered myself a "city girl" and would have been content to live out the rest of my days that way, but the Universe had other plans. 10 years ago I met and fell in love with my "soul mate" (corny, I know) and his retirement dream was to move to Lasqueti Island; an off the grid, remote island in the Straight of Georgia.

At first I was apprehensive about this. I was 43 and at this stage of my life did not want to invest a lot of time in a relationship doomed to fail we did not want the same things out of life. But then I realized I could not judge something I had never experienced and when Vaughn asked me to go view the piece of property he had in mind to purchase, I agreed.

Getting to Lasqueti Island is a bit of a feat. It is a 2 hour drive north from Victoria and then you take an hour boat ride from French Creek in a 60 passenger "foot ferry". There is no car ferry to Lasqueti and everything you are going to take with you (suitcases, groceries, water, etc.) needs to be loaded and packed onto the boat yourself. In good weather it can be an enjoyable ride with breathtaking views . . . but when the weather turns rough and the wind is blowing 40K and the waves are 10 to 15 feet high, then ride is a whole other experience. It was March when we went to view the property . . . let's just say I got "my money's worth" on that fateful ferry ride . . . read more

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